Bathmate HydroMax7 Penis Pump Review -2019

A man in bed is adored for his ability to give orgasms by virtue of having a long and thick penis. But there are men who are naturally blessed with a penis that is long and thick and yet, the irony is that they fail to satisfy their partners.

There are various factors that influence the quality of sex. Parameters like duration, stamina and endurance plays key role. While there are men who resort to consumption of medicines that can help get an erection meanwhile making it last long while others simply take a step back and try out things that can satisfy their partners. A small population refrains from having sex on a daily basis to avoid conflicts. While doing all this, you as a man, are putting your relationship to stake. Several surveys have reported that women fake orgasms because their partners’ sadness becomes unbearable for them. While rest decide to start a new relationship just for sex.

What now? You may ask.

We recommend a suction device that can help in pulling blood to the penis’ blood vessels. We are talking about a Penis Pump.

What is a Penis Pump

A penis pump is a device that uses suction forces to draw more blood to the penis. As blood vessels in the genitals swell (in a good way), an erection is obtained.

Today, we are reviewing HydroMax7 Penis Pump by Bathmate, a company that is known for manufacturing world class penis pumps.

Read more to know why this device is effective, how you can use it to get best results and how it works so good!

Gentlemen, here is HydroMax7 Penis Pump review, just for you!

HydroMax7: A Penis Pump?

Bathmate is a company that has been around for quite some time now. It is a trusted brand and its users are always in praise of how well this product works. Every product is tested for effectiveness and is individually checked for delivering 100% efficiency. The Food and Drug Administration has also approved penis pump devices this company makes.

HydroMax7 one of the most regarded pump this company manufactures. It has a water based working system that induces uniform pressure on the penis. Made with superior quality plastic, this pump can withstand n-number of uses. Apart from being an erection causing device, it also works as a penis extender.

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The device is overall easy to use and its compact size makes travelling with it super easy. With about 10-15 minutes of regular usage, you can experience never like before erections that last really long.

Working of HydroMax7 Penis Pump

We were pretty amazed by how structurally sound this device is. Its working is carried out by water – a fluid known to keep changes in pressure uniform. There are two types of penis pumps available, one is air based while the other is water based. In case of an air based pump, few extra pumps may cause too much blood drawing leading to dizziness. A water based system works smoothly and distributes pressure uniformly in all directions of its containment so that you do not end up feeling dizzy.

How to use the HydroMax7 Penis Pump:

The pump comes has a hollow chamber that can accommodate penis sized anywhere between 4-7 inches. A bellow gaiter is placed in the opening of the pump while a valve is provided at the tip of the device. Water is filled in the valve.

Once ready, the penis is inserted into the chamber and the pump is placed such that it’s opened end is in contact with the base of penis. A tight seal is created there by using stick pads. As the assembly gets ready, process of pumping begins. As water expells & swells, suction pressure is created.

This suction pressure draws blood to the blood vessels in the penis. As these vessels swell with blood, the penis starts getting an erection. This erection lasts long as blood pressure stays undisrupted in the penis and you last really long in bed.

The Benefits of using the Hydromax7:

The Hydromax 7 Penis Pump is made rigid so that it can withstand thousands of uses.

Below is a well thought list of benefits you are going to get by using this device:

  • A water based system ensures even distribution of pressure when the device is pumped.
  • The design is compact and lightweight.
  • Hollow chamber is long enough to accommodate a penis sized anywhere between 5 to 7 inches.
  • Erections last long and with the flow of more blood in your penis, the glans penis becomes more sensitive – making sex more pleasurable.
  • Since the device acts as an extender as well, over time a size growth can be observed in penis.
  • Your confidence will boost.
  • The device helps in causing gradual increase in penis size and hugely impacts the erection quality, stamina and pleasure.
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A device with no side-effects?

Penis is the manly tool and it will never be a wise idea to put anything on it.

Many potential users always fear that pressure induced by the pump may cause penile injuries making them disabled for life. The truth is, it doesn’t. A penis pump is designed such that it induces minimum pressure on the organ. With the water based system, the distribution of pressure becomes uniform and gradual increase in penis size is obtained. The valve is carefully marked. Even during rush moments, you would not be pressurising too much.

Does Penis Pump increase size and thickness of the penis ?

The answer to that – yes, the pump too has the ability to increase the dimensions of the penis. It will be slow and very gradual. Sometimes, you just may not take notice of the change. As the device uses suction pressure instead of traction, you will not be experiencing the discomforts of wearing an extender.

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Who can use the HydroMax7 Penis Pump?

Anyone can use the penis pump. The only limit that applies here is age. If you are a boy under the age of 18 years, avoid using the device. Your body is going to grow naturally and the introduction of artificial methods can interrupt with growth. Men who are tired of not being able to have sex too can use the pump and finally be able to enjoy the activity.

Things to remember before you start using HydroMax7

From our experience with the device, here are few takeaways from our experience:

  • The device more of a penis pump and less of a penis extender.
  • You will have to use to atleast 10-15 minutes a day for best results.
  • This pump can be used even when you are about to have sex.
  • The erections last long.
  • It’s an artificial way of getting erections but the carefully designed product ensures you do not suffer any damage after long usage of this product.
  • It works for real. Slowly, but it works.
  • Clean it after every use. Suction forces suck oil and sweat from your penis. Clean the chamber after every use.
  • Fill water to indicated mark. It is for your own safety. Visit Official site for more info

Testimonials from users of the HydroMax7 Penis Pump


A penis pump is indeed a device any man can own. It helps in getting strong erections and also increase the duration of sex session. It is worth a try in our views.

We were pleasantly surprised right after two weeks of regular usage. To test, we even travelled with the product in our bags and decided to use it in gym bathrooms after exercising (a suggested usage direction). We even tried using the product in hotel washrooms. The results were remarkably good. The erections lasted long and were hard. Upon further surveying, it was concluded that orgasms were indeed intense.

Overall, if you are looking for a good penis pump, HydroMax7 is our recommendation.

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