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Oh, A Penis!

A size Large (or even X-Large) is secretly one of the most desired organ every man and a woman dream of for the raunchy sex life they often fantasize about. If you are one such person who is looking for solutions to have a larger (or even an extra large) penis, then trust us on this, this article is all you need to read on the internet. Get ready with your scale; it is time to scale-up!

It is a secretly accepted fact that having a penis that is on the bigger side on the scale can give your confidence enough fuel to mount the mountains. A larger tool helps in having unbreakable self-esteem, lets you have an enjoyable sex life and rejuvenates a long lasting relationship.

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In this article, we have researched and made a list out of 5 Best Penis Extenders that can actually help you scale yourself up. We have covered every perspective you can think from. This article is sure to make you leave with what you have been wanting!

Let us get down to reviewing the Best Penis Extenders on the internet that will get you rank high on the number scale!

 The Best Penis Extenders To Buy In 2019 & 2020

1. Quick Extender Pro:

This is the supreme penis extender you can get for yourself if you are looking for curvature along with length. The Quick Extender Pro works not only by increasing the length of your penis but it also works on the curvature to make the organ look more real. Both these factors play an important role when it comes to rocking the bed!

Quick Extender Pro has got backing from a plethora of research and development attempts and because of the efforts that were put in, this extender is a favorite amongst an ocean of its consumers. More than that, this product gets recommended almost every time by doctors and sex experts as well.

quick extender pro standard
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How Quick extender pro designed

The Quick Extender Pro has a unique Double Strap Support (DSS) system, which is intended to give you the maximum amount of tension along the length of your penis, while also being super comfortable. This rounds up as the most powerful penis extender with a whopping tensile force of 4000g from the tip of the penis and along the entire length of the penis. This is pretty obvious considering that it is made up of aluminum, making it light in weight and simple to use. Moreover, it also has a medical material grade built, thereby ensuring that your skin does not face the brunt of any adverse reactions.

Aside from all this, there are straps padded with silicon. This is done to avoid any chances of pinching. This also adds to the fact that the grip is firm and strong. As a result, you do not have t worry about any slipping

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Working of Quick Extender Pro:

The Quick Extender Pro works by the principle of Penis Traction to increase the length of the penis. This is a quick and easy to follow method.

The process can be understood in threefold as:

  • Once you put the extender on your body, the device begins to work by stretching your penis continuously. This stretching effort is the fundamental process for the extension of penis and is termed as ‘penis traction’. Note that this process does not cause any interference with the normal functioning of the penis in any manner. You can still pee (or cum) without any difficulties.
  • The continuous traction that the penis undergoes creates painless microscopic tears along the length of the penis. These tears get healed by themselves and contribute greatly towards the lengthening of the penis.
  • The penis’s healing process with respect to the presence of microscopic tears is termed as mitosis. Mitosis is suitably followed by another process termed as cytokenesis. Mitosis occurs when the cells in the tissues of the penis divide following a twofold manner. This cell division keeps occurring repeatedly until the gaps (formed due to microscopic tears) get filled. The results? An increase in both, the length and the thickness. Cytokenesis is when that nucleus gets divided into two mirror images of each other. The slow generation of the new tissue results in growth of the penis.

Best part of the process (apart from a jaw dropping penis size) is that it is painless. You know it is happening but there is no pain involved.

Why you should consider buying the Quick Pro Extender?

  • Quick Extender Pro is the world’s #01 penis extender. The penis elongation you experience after using this process is quickly attained with you having to walk like a crab!
  • The patented DSS system is a huge point. It offers double support and it is comfortable to wear and walk around in. It is so comfortable that you can function without it slipping out of place or pinching your man tool at all.
  • The device is made from quality materials that are a 100% safe for your penis. It being light in weight will make it possible for you to almost forget about its presence as the day will progress.
  • The product’s only focus is not about increasing the length and thickness of your penis but rather, it also has the potential to correct penile curvature without you having to go under the knife. In fact, this extender can even correct curvature of your penis resulting from Peyronie’s Disease.
  • The results are permanent. Once you stop using it, your penis is not going to shrink back to how it used to be.

The Quick Pro Extender is our top pick in the penis extenders category. Apart from the ocean of benefits you derive from this product, the product’s package comes with a detailed DVD guide on how to use the device. The guide is easier to understand and detailed when compared with any other penis extender available in the market.

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We recommend the Quick Pro Extender without an iota of doubt. This extender is simple, effective, safe and gives results you can live with for the rest of your existence

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2. SizeGenetics

The SizeGenetics penis extender is our second top pick after Quick Pro Extender. It is the second best decision you can make here!

The SizeGenetics penis extender talks about an exclusive Multi Directional Angling (MDA) technology. As the name speaks for itself, the MDA technology grants you a certain degree of movement. Guess the degree?

Well, The SizeGenetics offer 16 different ways to move!

Its ability to move in 16 different ways makes it possible for you to wear it and move around without having to worry about it poking your thighs or it bending in an awkward angle while to decide to take a seat. This extender can also be proven out to be a remedy for Peyronie’s disease.

Before you get to use the SizeGenetics, it is important to understand how the extender has been divided into parts:

  • Protection Pad: It acts as the padding when you wear the extender.
  • Silicon noose: Provides an upward force towards the head of the penis. The rope sticks under the head of the penis and contributes towards increasing the length almost by 1 inch.
  • Latex head grip: This holder protects the penis and provides ample traction, comfort and flexibility the one wearing the extender.
  • Comfort straps: These straps support better traction and are more conforming than the silicon rope.
  • Protech Matt Strap: This ensures the extender does not slip from its position.

You should ideally aim at using the SizeGenetics for about 2-8 hours a day. However, it is not recommended to use the product for more than 8 hours in a day. The reason being, you need to give your penis some time so that it can recover and recuperate from all the expanding it has undergone in the 2-8 hour time frame.

Working of SizeGenetics:

The SizeGenetics extender applies up to2800 traction force along your penis. As a result of this huge amount of tensile force, the cells present within the volume of your penile tissue begin to break, leading to the growth of new cells within the penis. At the same time, the broken tissue area is healed. It is quite logical to understand that all of this results in an enhanced supply of fresh blood into the area. As such, your penis experiences a natural and painless growth.

Pros of using the SizeGenetics:

  • This extender is recommended for use even by doctors and sex experts.
  • This product has been around for more than 2 (yes, two) decades! Something that would not have happened if its consumers were not happy.
  • Factors like durability, flexibility and comfort are not something you need to bug yourself about with this product.
  • The SizeGenetics is very comfortable upon usage. It does not slide or pinches your skin.

Cons of using the SizeGenetics:

  • Might be heavy on your pocket
  • Results will not show quickly. You will have to be patient and regular with this product.
  • The material used to make this extender is not as premier as that in the Quick Extender Pro.

Without any second thoughts, the SizeGenetics is a phenomenal penis extender that is sure to leave you satisfied. It is nearly as good as the Quick Extender Pro but a few changes here and there gives it the second position in list. It is fabulous and definitely something you can try.

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3. JES Extender

The JES Extender has been around for 2 and half decades and has gained the reputation for being one of the most high quality products. The product carries a very reliable and efficient vibe with it. The JES Extender also promises to increase the size of your penis in a comparatively short period of time. The product is also supposed to enhance the size as well as the thickness of a penis by almost 20-30%! Isn’t this huge!

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The JES Extender is also here to help people who are dealing with Peyronie’s disease and it actually makes the penis longer and thicker. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified the JES Extender as a Class-1 medical device.

How does the JES Extender work?

Like most of the good penis extenders around, the JES Extender uses the ever dependable traction method to increase the dimensions of the penis. As it has been pretty well-established by now, the traction method essentially involves the application of a strong tension across the length of the penis. This causes the penile cells to break down and multiply, leading to the production of new penile tissue within the bulk of the penis. Quite naturally, this paves the way for the increased size of the penis. In short, this is based on the fact that the penile cells multiply to become almost 2 times the original density of penile cells. This automatically balances out or nullifies the inherent strain produced.

At this juncture, you should note that among all the known penis extending methods, the traction method is the only one that is backed by scientific evidence regarding the increase in size of the penis. What’s more? There is absolutely no requirement of surgery here. And just in case it is worrying you, the results you achieve out of using a penis extender stay even after you have stopped using the extender.

The JES Extender provides you with the feasibility of being usable for as many hours as you desire. Yes indeed, you can use the JES Extender at any time of the day without shedding any worry regarding its usage or its effects on your penis. There is absolutely no constraint on the time of usage or even the duration of usage. In short, wear it any time you want and for as long as you want.

The icing on the cake is the fact that the JES Extender shows its results in very short notice. Guess what? You get to see significant results within just 7 days of usage! How awesome is that?!

Pros of using the JES Extender:

  • Using the JES Extender regularly can give out visible results in a week’s time.
  • With routine and dedicated usage, you can experience as much as 24% increase in length
  • With routine and dedicated usage, your penis can experience increase in its width by 19%
  • The extender corrects the curvature of your penis.
  • The usage of JES Extender helps taking care of issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and increase sexual stamina.
  • The materials used to make the JES Extender (surgical steel and silicone) promises good flexibility ranges and is safe to be worn for hours.

Cons of using the JES Extender:

  • First time users may experience discomfort
  • The device is heavy on the pocket
  • If you are any younger than 18 years, do not use the device unless recommended by a doctor

The JES Extender is a really good product that works with all efficiency. Using the product in routine can give best results. Made with stainless steel, this product is a miracle for those who are exhausted of trial and errors.

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4. Pro Extender

The Pro Extender has solid steel built which takes it a little on the heavier side. This device has been designed to increase the size of your penis by applying gentle traction force.

The boosting point for this extender is the fact that it is backed by medical experts and is highly recommended by doctors, urologists and plastic surgeons in about 29 different countries! This product is an international sensation at the end of the day!

Regular usage of Pro Extender has medically proven out to cure Peyronie’s disease and it seals the case by creating a longer and straighter penis. Moreover, you can rejuvenate your sex life with the use of this product. The mere fact that any doctor or sexologist in any part of the world may give you their nod for using this product speaks highly on itself about how good the product is. It is one of those products that not only promise length but also a sex life that you never had.

How does the Pro Extender work?

The Pro Extender employs the traction method to enlarge your penis naturally. This is pretty similar to the JES Extender. On proper attachment of the device, it applies a longitudinal force across the length of the penis. This leads to the natural breakdown of the cells present within the penile tissue. Gradually, the cells are multiplied courtesy of the strain produced. Ultimately, your penis undergoes a natural increase in both the length and the thickness.

Pros of using the Pro Extender:

  • The product is known to increase overall sexual pleasure and stamina.
  • You get additional supplements in the package to get better results with the usage.
  • This product was created and designed by a surgeon – a history that silently promises the results of the product.
  • It not only works on the length, the product also is responsible for correcting the curvature of your penis.
  • The usage of Pro Extender can help to tackle sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and increase sexual stamina.

Cons of using the Pro Extender:

  • Having metal parts in it, the product is heavy (in weight) and can be uncomfortable for first timers.
  • It takes time to show full results (almost 4-6 months).
  • Some users have claimed that the supplement does not really help with anything.

The Pro Extender has a history that silently supports the fact it can be efficient in what it is designed to do. It not only brings length but it also gives healthy curvature to the penis. More than that, it is highly caring of the manufacturer to give out additional supplements with the device that can help in enhancing your sex drive.

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Size can be a factor that bothers some. It will be wrong to brush off your concern by dusting philosophies on it. Truth be told, the process of dusting may cause the moral, self-esteem and the want of a man to fade. Embracing the fact that it is normal to have sizing issues can help an individual greatly. We understand you and your needs without making you shameful or guilty of having them. A healthy life is something that everyone deserves.

Penis Extenders is a sensitive issue that not many want to talk about. Dreaming about attaining a large penis is a very natural and worthy wish to harbor. However, it is strongly recommended to only employ safe and dependable devices for this purpose. By using a Penis Extender, you not only indulge in safe practice of getting a larger penis but you also tend to understand and appreciate your body more. You will be able to enjoy sex with more passion.

In this article, we discussed about the 4 Best Penis Extenders that are available to be used without a doctor’s prescription: the best one being the Quick Extender Pro. This device is not only made with utmost care and caution but it is fabulous in what it does. By regular and routine use, you will actually be able to see difference in sizes. Its design makes it immensely comfortable to wear. In fact, it is so comfortable that you can walk around and do your job the whole day! Just use the device as recommended and see how they blush when your pants drop!

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