Caffeine: Health Benefits, Side Effects And Usage

Who does not adore a cup of coffee at the start of their day? We adore our hot/cold cup of coffee any day!

Ever wondered what makes you feel so refreshed and ready to take on the day? It is caffeine – a magical ingredient that alerts you and turns on the day mode for many.

To be honest, coffee is not the only source of caffeine that you indulge in every day. Other beverages like tea and cold drinks too have them. In case of cold drinks, it acts as a base and gives a slight punch of flavour. Though the levels of caffeine in tea is low, we still cannot ignore the impact we experience after having a few sips. It is refreshing to another level all together.


Caffeine – All about it

What makes an individual’s caffeine experience so impacting is the fact that the human body actively responds to its chemical structure (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine). In addition to that, the ingredient is classified as a potent psychoactive drug. We have been discussing about caffeine for so long, thought where exactly it originated from? The term “caffeine” has been derived from the German word kaffee and also from the French word for it, café, each of them meaning one thing – coffee. Still, it was popular in rich culture and only the privileged could have it.

The ingredient became popular in the world after its alleged use in coke. After that, there has been no turning back for caffeine. It has since then used in commercial as well in medical produces because of its various properties (we will discuss that shortly). Present day industrialisation has ensured cultivation of coffee in various parts of the world. Each having their own flavour, aroma and ability to give you sleepless night if consumed beyond recommended dosage.

Modern day industries have combined scientific studies pointing other than beverage properties of the ingredient. For the same reason, you can find several beauty and health care products using or be solely based on coffee and its related products. Experiments have revelled that by applying such products on the skin you actually cause a kind of cell activation. This results in a smoother skin that has lower number of wrinkles on them. In all, caffeine has established itself as more than just a beverage.

Benefits of caffeine on your body:

Caffeine is an approved and certified ingredient by the Food and Drug Administration (the FDA). It has been clinically tested on all parameters to determine the benefits the ingredient has to offer. When taken in correct dosses, caffeine can have medicinal influence on your body, protecting it from all sort of diseases.

The various ways your body can benefit after consuming coffee are:

  • A sense of more alertness and awareness
  • Increase in metabolic activities
  • Sudden feel of relaxation
  • Decreases risk of oral and throat cancer
  • In some cases, caffeine acts to suppress negative emotions and feelings
  • Relaxes your muscles and eases soreness
  • Can help in regulating bowel movements
  • Prevents excessive absorption of calories
  • Helps in weight loss by suppressing appetite
  • Controls blood sugar
  • It stimulates the central nervous system
  • Does not stays in the body for too long
  • Elevates mood for some individuals
  • Helps in increasing concentration temporarily
  • Is a mild nootropic
  • Has aphrodisiac properties
  • Burns fat – more when black coffee is consumed
  • Ingesting caffeine by mouth along with pain relievers like aspirin and acetaminophen can help reduce migraine
  • In premature infants, caffeine is introduced through mouth or by intravenously (IV) helps in bringing heart rate to normal
  • Helps in clearing airways – immensely beneficial for people who have breathing issues such as asthma
  • Increase overall athletic performance
  • Moderated 400 mg/day consumption can prevent onset of Type-2 diabetes

Side-effects of consuming caffeine:

This ingredient has a long list of benefits that you can get merely by drinking it on a daily basis. Caffeine is mostly known for its ability to keep people awake even when they are sleepy. A very wrong and most circulated myth. In fact, it takes the body nearly 45 minutes to absorb the body and its effects wear out after three to four hours. Therefore, a cup of caffeine based beverage is not going to disturb you sleep cycle.

While the products that use caffeine (the use it in the form of coffee) are tested and certified by the Food and Drug Administration (the FDA). So unless you do not have allergies to coffee you will not be experiencing any side-effects. Though it is advised by doctors that pregnant women and lactating individuals should strictly prohibit taking caffeine. It makes the foetus restless in case of pregnancy. While the breast feeding mother might experience decrease in colostrum production. People with heart and liver conditions too should avoid drinking too much coffee. It tastes good but you must count your cups for the benefit of your body as too much coffee might cause acidity in some.

In our research, we found that drinking more than 12 cups of extra-black coffee can have not-so-good affect on the body. Your heart might burn while your bones will not be able to absorb calcium the way they usually would. It is best to not exceed more than 400 mg (the worst case) of caffeine a day. Make sure you do not drink anything with caffeine in it for the next three days. This allows the body to flush out every particle of caffeine.


Caffeine is a potent ingredient that you might be underestimating considering the fact that a cup of coffee is not just enough to keep you up all night. That is because manufacturers follow guidelines that have been made by the FDA about making adequate and safe dosage recommendations. It is best to follow them.

So the next time when you are making multiple cups of coffee for yourself, already plan a detox routine. Though caffeine does not get accumulated in the body, it can still cause minor harm that you must always take into account.

Research references for caffeine benefits


We regard caffeine as one of the greatest and the finest discovery by mankind. It has its own benefits and some side-effects that you cannot ignore. In short, this ingredient is potent with potential to heal your body or simply put you on a detox diet. the choice is yours.

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