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Penis has always been an object for fascination, research and fantasy. The way your penis is can make you into a man of confidence or a man who knows the skills to bring orgasms but doesn’t has the organ to do it. At the end of the day, size and volume of semen ejaculated does matters.

While we have reviewed many penis pills that can give you the stamina, length, endurance and thickness, it will be impractical to say the least that those pills alone can make your penis part of their fantasies. What to do then? Get under the knife?

Undergoing surgery is sure a way when your male problem fails to fix even after popping in penis pills. But before you rush and get your meat sliced, read this review!

Penis Extenders are   a thing these days. They are safe, doesn’t really peel off your skin and you will not have to wear grandpa underwear before the miracle happens. You can still go to office and have the penis extenders do their job.

One such dependable penis extender is the JES Penis Extender -one of the most effective penis extenders around. It has been around for two decades and with proper use of this widely trusted device, your penis can increase as much as 20% to 30% in thickness. Oh! Imagine the pleasures that brings to the mind and the body.

The JES Penis Extender is a safe and efficient way to bring magic into your pants without literally anything to worry about.

We have reviewed the JES Penis Extenders so that when you get your box, frustration related to anything about the product doesn’t overwhelm you!

On to the review now!

JES Penis Extender – Just what is it?

jes extender review

Penis is a delicate organ in a man’s tough life. In a life-time, a man may encounter issues that directly relate to the penis.

Some of these are:

  • Peyronie’s disease: A medical condition in which the penis stiffens and bends to an awkward angle. It happens when hard lump or plaque forms in the penis that cannot be removed by frequent urination.
  • Phimosis: This condition occurs when the foreskin on the penis cannot be pulled back from the head because of extreme tightness. Lots of lubrication is required to bring back the foreskin to its natural location.
  • Paraphimosis: A medical emergency in which the foreskin gets jammed behind the head and it fails to retrace its natural path. Immediate medical attention is required or else several other medical complications can unfold.

JES Penis Extender was invented two decades ago with the intention to correct structural deformations that comes with Peyronie’s disease. The extender would correct the curvature of the penis and during the correction process, many men noticed their penis’ thickness increased. This became news in the men’s community and soon every man would wear them inside their pants to enlarge their penis in length and thickness.

The purpose of this device changed and soon, even the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA categorised the JES Penis Extender as a Class 1 medical device. The device thus carried certificate of being safe and effective in what it was doing – increasing the length and thickness of the penis.

How does JES Penis Extender Works on the Penis?

The penis extender has a simple principle of working – traction.

A method that applies continuous pressure on the penis to cause growth of the penis’ cells. When the penis undergoes traction, the closely packed cell structure experiences a stretch (stress) because of which the closed packed structure disintegrates and a space is created. Nearby cells multiply and fill up that space – an increase in length is obtained. Curvature of penis ensures proper insertion and even proper placement of the tool in your underwear. A penis that cannot bend properly may result in rashes, discomfort in performing regular activities and even loss of confidence (a condition called Peyronie’s disease). Medically, deposition of plaque is responsible for such hardness. Penis extenders by virtue of its ability to elongate cell layer deposition can break the continuous chain of plaque which can slowly be eliminated by taking responsible medications.

The JES Penis Extender applies stress on penis skin causing elongation of cells. As new cells form, the skin undergoes lengthening.

Using penis extenders was a pretty common after-surgery medical procedure. It was believed that to keep the penis from getting back to its previous size, it is important to use traction forces. Later, several studies and experiments suggested that penis extenders can be used by any man at any stage of their life. Using the device after a cosmetic or medical surgery is no longer a compulsion but rather a wish that a man can opt for.

How can JES Penis Extender benefit a man?

Penis extender any day is a packet of benefits for a man.

The major benefits can be:

  • A decrease in chances of ejaculating prematurely
  • Ability to thrust deeper without losing sensation
  • Confidence and moral boost, on the sheets and in life
  • More lasting and stronger erections every time
  • A long and thick penis

Who can use JES Penis Extender?

Many polls conducted over period of time have stated that a penis shorter than 6 inches is considered to be “the tool that cannot give orgasm”. So, the primary reason for any man to use this device is to grow your penis long and thick enough to withstand sexual demands.

Other reasons include:

  • Having disorders such as Peyronie’s disease that causes deformation in penis as a result of solid plaque formation
  • Penile injury that disturbed the curvature of the penis
  • Penile fracture as plaster cannot be used to fix the curvature and repair the penis back to health.
  • Get back to having sex
  • Increasing sensitivity of penis head for more pleasure
  • It can be paired with penis pills to get quick results

Who can use:

  • Men above the age of 18 (unless prescribed by the doctor)
  • Men with sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease etc
  • Those who want a thicker penis
  • By people experiencing penile fracture or injury
  • Those who want a longer penis
  • Men who have undergone cosmetic penis surgery (unless not recommended by the doctor)
  • Those who want to get back to having sex like their never before self.

How safe is JES Penis Extender?

Putting anything in the mouth and on genitals is a strict no. When it comes to Penis, a man should be more careful than he is on the road. Thankfully, with JES Penis Extenders, you will not have to worry about safety.

The device has been in the market for more than two decades now and although it was perviously aimed for use against Peyronie’s disease. Slowly its ability to cause increase in thickness and length (about 1mm in a week) made it popular in the men’s community.

JES Penis Extender has been studied by many institutions and it has proven out to be effective when worn regularly. The device also has approval by the Food and Drug Administration – a mark anyone can believe without any second thoughts.

All in all, the JES Penis Extender is a safe, proven and legit way to increase dimensions and correct the culture of your penis.

What should I be careful of when using JES Penis Extenders?

As a matter of penis, when using the JES Penis Extenders, here are certain things you should be careful of/with:

  • Assembly: The device comes with all dignities in a box and requires to be assembled before use. Read the instructions carefully when you assemble it. Seek help from manufacturer if you are not able to successfully do it.
  • Wearability: Studies have shown that if you wear the device every day for as many hours you desire. You can experience 1mm worth of change when used regally for daily. You can grow 1.5 inches in a month of regular use!
  • The method: Traction is one of the safest and scientifically proven way to increase penis length and thickness. Initially discomfort is common and it goes once you figure out the right position to keep your penis.
  • While putting the device on, be careful with fastening the screws. Do not over tight the screws. It may rupture foreskin.
  • Consult a doctor if you are planning on taking penis pills along with the device’s regular use.
  • Wear comfortable and loose underwear and bottoms when the device is on your penis. It is designed to not feel like its there still, making efforts of your own is important.
  • Hygiene: Clean your extender in a routine. Do not share it with anyone.

What are perks of using JES Penis Extender?

Serious perks of this device are:

  • From the moment you open the box to the moment it put it on your penis, you will realise that the JES Penis Extender is made with high grade plastic that can hold everything in place without going against the nature of your everyday life.
  • On regular usage for two to four months, your penis can actually measure up to the size of your dreams.
  • The device gives you length, thickness and proper curvature.
  • There is no need to gorge on extra supplements. The device is sufficient in itself.
  • You can experience an increase in penis length by 24%.
  • The thickness of your penis will increase by 19%.
  • The product can be worn all day (and even on uneventful nights) with comfortably fitting bottom wear.
  • The device can help with erectile dysfunction remarkably.
  • With visible and permanent results, your confidence (in bed and otherwise as well) is going to be high.
  • First time results can be seen just after 7 days of wearing it regularly.

You can get JES Penis Extenders by clicking on this link:

jes extenter


It is an open secret that penis length, thickness and curvature matters. Many ladies have confessed that they haven’t been able to orgasm with their partners because the size never ‘filled’ them to satisfaction. Many women either keep this to themselves or simply decide to end relationships.

Today, there are products available that can save relationships and make your life as a man more easy. JES Penis Extender is one such product. It has proven claims of being efficient and safe in increasing the length and thickness of your penis (by an eye popping 24% and 19% respectively). More so, the device also corrects your curvature so you can penetrate the right spot with all your might. Just use it at all times (at your comfort) and see the monster bud.

With approval from Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, this product is sure to have all the scientific backing that makes it what it is today.

In all, the JES Penis Extender is a worth every penny you spend on it and we highly recommend you it.

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