Prime Male: A Natural Testosterone Booster Review 2019

Prime Male Testosterone Booster Review


Testosterone hormones are essential to every man. They are critical to our overall physical fitness, increase strength, sexual drive, and our general performance. However, just like any other hormones, the levels of testosterone may go below the allowed levels. That’s when we start to experience constant exhaustion, we become moody, and experience difficulty losing weight.

Boosting our testosterone levels is critical as it will help to restore the balance in our bodies. That’s where testosterone boosters such as Prime Male come into play.

What is Prime Male?

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Prime Male is a 100 percent natural testosterone booster that works wonders to your testosterone levels. It contains twelve essential nutrients that are nutritional to your body, and will not cause any side effects.

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The Key Ingredients of Prime Male Supplement

DAA (D-Aspartic Acid)

D-Aspartic Acid is known for its effects towards boosting the testosterone levels. It forms the core foundation, and it’s the driving force behind the success of Prime Male supplement. Even though it’s a new testosterone booster, people are beginning to see how effective it can get.


As a man, you have probably been told to include zinc in your diet more often. It’s the manliest mineral available today. It works by stimulating the production of testosterone in the testis and is also responsible for the increased sex drive.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 helps to boost androgen synthesis. Even though vitamin K2 is naturally present in the testes, the Vitamin K2 from Prime Male, that is available as MK-7, takes the androgen synthesis to the next level. It’s the best remedy for older guys.

Vitamin D

Did you know that Leydig cells are the source of testosterone? Did you also know that vitamin D receptors are found inside the Leydig cells? It’s a no brainer that consuming vitamin D will explode your testosterone levels. Prime Male is packed with a 5,000 UI dosage of Vitamin D that is sufficient to increase the production of testosterone.


SHGB is a dangerous hormone for men. It binds itself to the testosterone and ends up making it useless. However, Magnesium has proven to counteract these effects by neutralizing SHGB. Prime Male is loaded with Magnesium.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B is essential for your overall health. However, Vitamin B6 is unique as it concentrates on improving your sexual drive. Prime Male has a premium version of this vitamin in the form of P-5-P.


Boron works in the same way as magnesium by limiting the interaction between SHGB and testosterone hormones.


Prolactin is considered to be a girl hormone and is very destructive to your testosterone levels. However, MucunaPruriens helps to block this hormone and improve the production of testosterone.

Nettle Roots

The worst thing that can happen to a man is when his testosterone is converted to estrogen. The enzymes that accomplish this task work alongside SHBG. Nettle Roots are known to neutralize these enzymes as well as the SHBG.

Korean Red Ginseng

Did you know that the stress hormone cortisol contributes to the demise of your testosterone hormone? Luckily, the Korean Red Ginseng acts as an anti-stress activity.


The DAA is responsible for boosting all the sex hormones, including the destructive estrogen in men. However, Luteolin helps to maintain a healthy balance between testosterone and estrogen. It also acts as anti-estrogen, which helps to combat the effect of DAA.


Every supplement has this ingredient and helps to make any compound bioavailable no matter the dosage you take.

All these ingredients are included in a balanced dosage, and they all exist in their natural forms. There are no chemical additives that may pose health risks to you.

How do you Take Prime Male?

You don’t need to inject the Prime Male supplement nor use it as an additive. You only take four tablets a day, and you are good to go. The tablets require a three-hour interval between them. There is no specific diet that is recommended to be used with Prime Male. However, maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise will go a long way.

How Does Prime Male Work?

Prime Male contains 1,600 mg of DAA, which is a perfect testosterone booster. With just a few serving, you are guaranteed to start experiencing significant changes.

BioPerine ensures that every unit of DAA is absorbed in your body fast, meaning that nothing is lost. The effects will start to kick in almost immediately.

Gym goers can benefit the most from the use of this supplement. Not only does it boost your testosterone, but it also improves your energy levels. It makes the weight loss work easier for you.

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What are the Benefits of Prime Male?

Your body goes through physical tear as you age. You start to lose muscles, gain weight and are haunted by lifestyle diseases. Losing your energy is common, and it affects your productivity. You begin to experience burn out, and things take an adverse turn in your sex drive.

Taking Prime Male will help to correct this. The compound is loaded with different ingredients that work together to renew the cells in your body and reverse the cynical impact age has had on you. Some of the key benefits include;

Lean Muscle Mass Enhancement

Our bodies are made of muscles that help to hold it in one place. Building these muscles takes hard work. Things may get even harder when you have low levels of testosterone. However, with Prime Male supplements, you may accelerate the process within no time.

Improved Stamina

Endurance is very crucial to anyone. The ability to withstand any task and resistance plays down to your stamina. Prime Male supplement will help to boost your strength and endurance, providing you with the best performances.

Loss of Body Fat

Are you struggling to lose weight? Belly fat can be stubborn, and a considerable number of men are struggling to shed it off. Prime Male will help to ease this task and help you burn this fat fast.

Mood Improvement

Stress is the number one cause of low testosterone. The stress hormone is known to inhibit and prevent the production of testosterone. However, Prime Male helps to combat this issue by eliminating the stress hormone from your system. Your moods will improve, and you will be able to focus.

Erectile Functioning

It’s embarrassing to experience erection problems. It’s a nightmare for any man, and finding a quick solution is the first thing that everyone attempts. Luckily for you, Prime Male is designed to handle such cases easily, without causing any side effects.

Improved Self-Confidence

Are you feeling sulky lately and don’t know why? Do you doubt yourself and your abilities? It’s probably your body trying to cope with low levels of testosterone. Taking a few doses of Prime Male will rectify this, and you will start to experience high levels of self-confidence.

Better Psychology

How is your focus? Do you find yourself missing details and your mind drifting off? Are you having problems concentrating? You can reverse your mind status and eliminate this issue.

Checkout few more benefits of Prime Male test booster.

Why do your Testosterone Levels Drop?

Many factors contribute to the low levels of testosterone in your body. Some can be avoided, while some occur naturally. Stress levels are among the causes, even though the effects are not permanent.

Your weight gain is another factor that can cause a drop in the levels of your testosterone. The effects are long-term, and if nothing is done to correct this, it may get worse.

Age is another factor that causes low levels of testosterone in your system. Men who are in their late 30’s are known to experience problems with their testosterone levels. By the time you get to your early 60’s, you would have lost around 50 percent of testosterone in your system.

Prime Male helps to reverse these changes and strike a balance in your body. You will start to experience the changes almost immediately after taking the supplements. However, the results may vary with different people, where some people may experience the impact immediately, while others may take time. However, the supplement is known to boost your testosterone levels by 40 percent within 12 days.

Does Prime Male have any Side Effects?

Prime Male is made from herbs with no additives. Many people who have taken this supplement have not experienced any severe negative effects. However, there are some minor side effects that you can experience in the early stages of taking the supplement. The abrupt changes that your body is put through during the first few days are the main reason why you may experience these effects. They include:

Headaches: The flooding of hormones in your body will more often result in headaches. However, the headaches will not be severe and would probably go away when your system gets used to the changes.

Blood Pressure Changes: Abrupt flooding of testosterone in your blood system may spike your blood pressure. It’s nothing of concern as the changes will reverse and go back to normal.

Upset Stomach: It’s not a common side effect experienced by everyone. However, some people have talked about it, but also mentioned that the case wasn’t severe.

Diarrhea: The side effect goes hand-in-hand with the stomach upset effect. You should expect it to go away within the first three days. It may take longer or shorter, depending on your diet.

Mood Swings: After taking your first few dosages of Prime Male, you will begin to experience changes in your moods. However, the changes may occur after a few hours, and it may get a bit confusing. The effects may continue until your body adapts to these changes.

What is the Cost of Prime Male, and where can you buy your Dosage?

A box of Prime Male supplement will cost you $69.00, including the shipping costs. However, you can get a good discount when you buy three boxes, as you can get one free for a flat price of $207.00, with free worldwide shipping.

The supplements include 90-days money-back guarantee, but you will bear the costs of returning the product.

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You can get this product from any reputable online store like Amazon. You can also buy them from places such as Walmart and the equivalent. However, it’s better to make sure you buy from the official Prime Male website. By doing so, you will eliminate the chances of purchasing a counterfeit product. You will also qualify for the discount and free shipping. The product is available worldwide.

Is Prime Male a Scam?

Many products exist that promise to boost your testosterone levels, but they don’t live up to their promise. However, Prime Male does exactly what it promises. Your body will start to experience the changes that are mentioned in this article within the first few days. You will also begin to feel the changes in your moods and focus.

The ingredients are natural and are beneficial to your body. They are absorbed almost immediately, and the effects will kick in within a few hours. Prime Male is not a scam, but you must be cautious of people selling counterfeit products.

The original Prime Male product has a unique label and a lion symbol.

Is Prime Male Good for you?

Absolutely. It’s made from facilities that are FDA-approved and has no severe side effects. It doesn’t pose any significant health issues to you when ingested.

Final Verdict

Looking at the Prime Male supplement, one can only agree that it promises a lot. The users’ Prime Male reviews confirm that it’s not marketing hype, but complete professionalism. Using this testosterone boosting supplement will help to improve your overall health, sexual drive, and your mental state.

It’s also perfect for people who exercise regularly and run out of energy. If you need to get rid of that stubborn belly fat that makes you uncomfortable, you should get this supplement today. It has a combination of ingredients that are beneficial to your body, and are targeted towards improving the testosterone levels in your body.

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