Pro Extender Review 2019: Your Way to Get Bigger Penis

Pro Extender are Safest way to increase your penis size!


Many women via means of surveys has confessed that even though they were satisfied in bed, they still longed for a penis that was thick and long. Other confessions also spoke about the durability and stamina – two critical parameters that influence female orgasm. Other surveys also found that women find it hard to confess to their partners that desire for long sessions filled with intense orgasms. While others just resorted to masturbation in order to keep their love life in peace and joy.

But what if if your partner is secretly hiding the fact that they desire for a thicker and longer penis even though they are extremely happy with the present sex life?

Well, instead of freaking out and resorting to unreasonable means, here is the absolute article that can help in resorting your problems.

Pro Extender is a mechanical device that can actually make your penis grow long and thick. It has been around since the 1990s. Designed by Dr. Jorn Siana, the device works by causing expansion in the cells that resulted in increase in dimensions. Made and approved by doctors around the globe, this device is all that you may need for penis enhancement.

The Pro Extender is indeed a legit way to get your dream penis in your pants.   Read on to know what exactly it is and other things about the device!

What exactly is Pro Extender? A Penis device of what sort?

pro-extenderDesigned by Dr. Jorn Siana, Pro Extender has been around for more than two decades and its users have always experienced satisfactory results. It has approval from Food and Drug Administration (the FDA) to solidify your confidence in it.

The Pro Extender is made sincerely for men who either have a smaller penis or those who wish for more length. The device is safe for everyday use and the work done is naturally acquired by causing cell division in the target area. This process is termed as Traction. While you use this product, you may or may not need any other supplement such as penis pills. Some people tend to pair this penis device with penis pills to better results such as increase in frequency of erections, libido and overall body energy. Though totally an option, one must consult a doctor before they get down to strapping themselves with the device and then popping pills as well.

The fact that this Extender is using natural process for increasing dimensions of the man-tool, it is considerably safer than going under the knife or living with the embarrassment of having a small penis.

How does Pro Extender works on the Penis?

The device works on the principle of Traction.

Human body cells are present in layers with small and compact structures occupying space. The spread out covers the whole body. When traction forces are applied to these cell structures, stress follows by strain is induced. This causes breaking of the structure and gaps are created. Multiplying nature of the cells quickly covers up these gap and overall resulting in growth in length and thickness of the penis.

The principle of Traction is more reliable and although slow, it is safe and will not make it hard for you to live with the end results once you have aged enough to not use your penis. Along with the process, you may choose taking penis pills to increase your libido. But doing so when the process is at the verge of accomplishment will any day benefit your sex life more than it would right at the beginning.

This process also helps in:

  • Increasing sensitivity of Penis so that you enjoy sex even more
  • Giving it the new permanent length and thickness
  • Eliminating scope of surgery (medical and cosmetic)

How to wear the Pro Extender:

Pro Extender stations itself on a very sensitive and vital organ – the Penis. To make sure that you get the desired results in due time, we have made a list of general things that you should follow (strictly)

  • Keep the man-tool and area around it clean. A bigger penis surely must come with hygiene requirements that you need to get used to.
  • Take small steps. Stretch your penis to a smaller distance. This allows uniform traction and subsequent cell elongation.
  • Wear it for long hours. Cell division is a complex process in itself. It takes time but happens for sure. The more you allow the principle to work on your man organ, the more effective and lasting results you will obtain. Do not exceed the 12 hour wear mark..

pro extender

The Things you should know while wearing Pro Extender:

Pro Extender locates itself on your penis, an important sex organ.

Here are the things that you should keep in mind while wearing the device:

  • It is flexible but not like rubber. You will have to be careful about activities engaging in and the clothes you wear.
  • Wearing loose clothes (trousers and underwear) during initial days can ease the discomfort caused as the action of adjustments.
  • Keep the genital area clean. Wash it regularly and dry with a towel that should not be used for any other purpose.
  • Trim the hair to prevent them from getting caught in the clamp.
  • If any form of rashes occur, stop wearing the device and consult a doctor.
  • Traction stretches the cell structures, you can feel agitated and it’s normal. Nothing to worry about.
  • The more you wear it, more quickly you will be able to see results.
  • Wear the device regularly. After a week your penis may increase by 1mm length.
  • Do not share the extender. It’s a matter of personal hygiene.

How the Pro Extender can help a man:

The mere fact that Pro Extender was designed by a doctor makes it useful. The device has been around for more than two decades now and still proves itself whenever a man puts the invention to work

Ways in which the extender helps you are:

  • Carries the potential to supplement treatment for disorders of the penis like Peyronie’s syndrome etc.
  • Curvature of the penis is important. A straight penis might survive but at awkward angles. The extender helps correcting the curvature of the penis.
  • Length and thickness increase by virtue of cell division – a development that is going to be permanent.
  • As new cells are going to be sensitive as blood flowing through them will increase, you will experience euphoria performance in bed.
  • The frequency of sex will increase for sure.
  • Foreskin is delicate. The use of extender will bring more attention to this thin and yet important layer of skin. This way you will be paying extra attention to your foreskin.
  • As blood flow rate will increase in your pants, you will feel more sexually aroused and have hard boners.
  • Increase in penis dimensions will directly have a good impact on your confidence.

pro extender

Who can (or should be) use the Pro Extender?

Pro Extender is for any man who desires for a thicker and longer penis. If to be specific, the device can (or should be) used by:

  • Men struggling with inability to satisfy their partners despite having all bed skills.
  • Those who have penis disorders that doesn’t let them have sex.
  • Someone with a history of penile injury or worse, a fracture. An extended can bring proper curvature.
  • Men who generally want a thicker penis that is sensitive.
  • People with sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction.

What are the benefits of using the Pro Extender?

The various benefits you can get from using the Pro Extender are stated as under:

  • The very fact that it makes your penis grow in length and expand in terms of thickness is the biggest advantage you get from this device.
  • It is a non-invasive device and therefore, no material part gets inside your body.
  • As the size of your penis increases over time, you will feel more confident in the world and in bed as well.
  • Curvature of the penis is important when its about penetration and general well-being. An extender arches your penis so that it curves in the right angle.
  • You can wear it all day and no one will notice. It’s a penis lab in your pants.
  • The device blends with your life. It’s usage is going to ensure that you are careful about hygiene around the penis area.
  • The stretch of cells and more flow of blood brings more sensation to the organ.
  • Thickness can increase by as much as 18%
  • Length can see an increase by more than 20%
  • It is safe alternative to cosmetic surgery

Pro Extender: Is it safe?

Designed by a doctor and having approval from Food and Drug Administration, Pro Extender is indeed the safest product you can put on your penis.

Taking care of sexual organs is an act that should be done regularly and with precautions. Having a routine can help anyone, any day. Pro Extender is a product that no only makes your penis large, it also makes you pay more attention to your general health. The penis and area around it needs to be cared very well while the device is at work – encouraging even the busiest person to take time out for self-care indulgence.

Thus, Pro Extender is not only safe but it also has the potential to have positive impact on your lifestyle and overall well-being.



It is an established fact that sex in a relationship (be it monogamous or even polygamous) is important. The act of love making brings couples closers on emotional and mental state. But what if your partner is happy with you but not with the sex life shared between two? They may either fake orgasms or simply cut down on having sex. The worst case, they may seek interest in others for the sake of sexual pleasures and satisfactions.

All this because your penis is not thick and long enough to make them moan all night?

Possibly, Pro Extender is the device that you need to have. This miracle device has the potential to increase the size of your penis without giving any rounds of side-effects. Made by a doctor and having approval from Food and Drug Administration, this product has validated (tested and certified) proof of being effective.

Use it for as long as 12hours a day and witness your penis turn into an orgasm machine.


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