Quick Extender Pro Review 2019 : A Guide to Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro is the Best penis extender of the year. WHY?

Being their orgasm machine is by far not an easy thing.You need to have good foreplay skills and a penis, who’s penetration can make them moan and ejaculate only after they are satisfied.

Does all these sound unreal to you? No more!

Quick Extender Pro is a complete package for the growth of your meat into a full-fledged penis that takes your moments in bed a long way!

It is no secret that sex brings a couple close. But if your man-tool is unable to withstand demands made during lovemaking sessions, chances are your relationship might not be the same. Some couples may accept the fact that they are not blessed enough to have a wonderful sex life while others may try out different solutions to solve their problems.

But are those sources really trustable? Are they really going to make your penis a tool for intense orgasms?

Stakes are high – they may work or they may cause some side-effects before you decide to quit on them yourself.

In order to avoid making such mistakes, this article is definitely a read for you mister. The article reviews Quick Extender Pro so that you know why this product is so different, effective and definitely worth every word of praise.

On to the review now!

quick -extender-pro

Quick Extender Pro – What is it all about?


The sight when you pull down your pants and they sigh and immediately take efforts to hide that expression and act excited. Definitely a nightmare for men who have their man-tool any less than 6 inches.

Made by Innovatec Designs, the Quick Extender Pro is a device that can convert their sighs into moans. The product is something that any man with a small organ desire. Ever since the product hit the markets in 2007, it has been a favourite in the men’s community for it effectiveness and workability.

It consists of:

  • A penis extender
  • A penis pump
  • And male enhancement pills

Needless to say, this product is a group that knows just how to enlarge your penis in terms of thickness, length and also corrects your curvature. All this so that you make them moan all night.

Quick Extender Pro is indeed a product that covers all your problems with a permanent solution.

How does the Quick Extender Pro works?

The whole package of Quick Extender Pro comes in three different parts, these are:

  • A Penis Extender
  • A Penis Pump
  • Male Enhancement Pills

Let us now understand how each of these products work independently on your Penis to make it grow.

The Penis Extender:

penis extender

A penis extender is a device that uses traction forces to cause cell elongation which results in growth of the penis.

When traction forces act on the skin, on microscopic levels, the cells suffer immense stress. Due to this, the boundaries of the cells strain and they divide rapidly to ease the tension caused as a result of device’s stretching abilities. This way, the penis experiences a growth in its length and thickness.

Blood flow to the penis is increased by the action of enhancement pills that makes the process of cell division & multiplication quicker.

Because of its rigid yet mobile made, a penis extender also corrects the curvature of the penis.

The Penis Pump:

A device that is designed such that it pumps more blood into the penis for the purpose of giving stronger erection.

The Male Enhancement Pills:

It is often recommended to take supplement when you are working out. Why exempt penis in this case?

Male enhancement pills are supplements for your penis. They provide body with extra nutrients and vitamins that gets to the cell structural reformations. As the cells keep getting an increase supply for nutrients, their ability to multiply speeds up. A beneficial outcome that is well utilised in the process of traction.

Male Enhancement pills also act as aphrodisiac – an entity responsible to increased sexual desires and functions in the body.

The effects of consuming male enhancement pills include:

  • Increase in libido
  • More bursts of energy levels in the body
  • Long lasting erections
  • Improvement in the quality and quantity of semen
  • A feeling of satisfaction
  • Damped mood swings

Overall, the Quick Extender Pro is an outcome of very thoughtful manufacturing processes that work together in all aspects of penis enlargement. With regular use, you penis can grow upto 1.2 to 1.5 inches in a month.

What makes Quick Extender Pro so effective?

The effectiveness of Quick Extender Pro can be attributed to:

  • The combination of products one order brings you targets every kind of penis problems that you might be having.
  • Food and Drug Administration (the FDA) approved product marks for its safety and effectiveness.
  • It usues traction forces to elongate your penis – which is a safe and medically proven way.
  • The sturdy and yet flexible built gives you degree of movement so that you can go about the day without sweating out of discomfort.
  • This penis extender, upon regular usage, can cause upto 1.5 inches worth of increase in penis size which is a considerable change.

Things to know when using the Quick Extender Pro:

Though a miracle device, this product does need time before the remarkable results are seen in your pants. But before you even get down to expecting things, there are certain points you need to keep in your mind while you out the Quick Extender Pro on your penis for test.

These include:

  • The extender will work to its best when it is worn everyday for about 8-12 hours.
  • Wear loose and comfortable underwear and top it with a layer of trousers.
  • Clean the extender when not in use. You can use body wipes to do so.
  • Pay close attention to sanitation.
  • Trim pubic hair. This makes it less uncomfortable to walk around with the extender.
  • Do not share the extender with anyone.
  • Gradually increase the rate of traction forces you are subjecting the penis to. Gradual increase brings uniform elongation in length and thickness.
quick- extender-use

The benefits of using the Quick Extender Pro:

The pros of putting the Quick Extender Pro on your penis are:

  • It uses natural mode of cell division & multiplication and is immensely safe.
  • You can do it on your own and need not visit doctors again & again.
  • A three product kit leaves no efforts undone to enlarge your penis.
  • Safer than indulging in cosmetic surgery or any medical procedure for penis enlargement.
  • Improves the curvature of the penis. Vital for precised penetration.
  • Increases the length by 1.5 inches in a month of regular usage.
  • The results are permanent.
  • There’s no extnet upto which you can grow your penis. Especially beneficial for men with micropenis.
  • Male enhancement pills can add a charm to the product. They can help increasing sexua vigor.
  • The extender can help agaisnt Peyronie’s syndrome, Erectile dysfunction etc.
  • Blends with your pants and doesn’t give to the world that you are wearing a device on your penis.

What are the cons of using the Quick Extender Pro?

Though Quick Extender Pro is a thoughtfully designed device, there is just one downside to it. That is, to get the maximum effect out of the product, you will have to wear it for 8-12 hours a day and giving a day off in between.

By giving a day worth of break, the cells that have experienced elongation will be able to multiply and compensate for the increase in penis size. By failing to give time for the cells to recover, it may happen that your skin may get rashes and even crack. Thus, it is in best interest to give a day off after long hours of wearing the device. For someone who is wearing such a mounting for the first time, it can get really uncomfortable and you may not feel like wearing it for another minute. To avoid that from happening, mount it properly and start with minimal traction force application. Once you get used to it, wear it for more time.

Some testimonials testifying the extender’s job:

I’m a gay man with a micropenis. In my community the size of penis matters hugely. Quick Extender Pro has proven out to be a blessing for me. I previously had sex lives that were full of humiliations and not many wanted to establish relationships with me. Fast forward to this day, my penis is a 6 inch tool that can give best of times to anyone. Quick Extender Pro can make you into a man for sure.

– Kath Frenzie

Quick Extender Pro came to me at a point in life when my relationship was almost falling apart in terms of sex. It not only increased the size of my junk but it gave me enough confidence to rock the bed again. Highly recommended!

– Ochkar Ozajaki

She always used to complained about not getting an orgasm because my thickness was enough. Four months with Quick Extender Pro and now she moans her orgasms out. Definitely satisfied with the results.

– Rossel D’ Osacar

It saved my marriage. What more can I say? Sex relationship in my marriage wasn’t that great. One a well or at times twice a month. I started using the Quick Extender Pro and slowly the frequency of sex increased. Now, she awaits for the night. Thanks Quick Extender Pro for saving my marriage.

– Alizeh Blenz

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Quick Extender Pro understands your penis. It is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved product that is safe for your body. Made with superior quality plastic, the device is rigid and yet moves around with you without causing any serious problems. Wear it for 8-12 hours a day and experience the growth in your meat. Indeed worth every penny.

Quick Extender Pro is rated as Best Penis Extender of the year check this article for more information 

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