SizeGentics Review 2019: SizeGenetics Gives Proven Results yes or no

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Every man is not blessed with genetics that can make him have a penis size of an orgasm machine. While some have the length, they lack thickness and vice versa. It is a known fact that length and thickness of the penis indeed plays a role in their orgasms. No matter how many nights you spend implementing your foreplay skills, chances are they might crave for a thicker and longer penis.

While many men get frustrated by this reality, they either resort to getting cosmetic surgery done and others simply make sex once-a-month activity. Undergoing surgery is always a tricky situation. Your body will need more time to recover and you will have to be extremely careful. In intricate surgeries, you may even be in bed for weeks! And still not avail the results you wanted.

What to do now? – You may ask.

To answer this very question, we are reviewing SizeGenetics. A penis extender that is safe, has been around for a considerable amount of time and really works. Upon testing the product for its authenticity and effectiveness, here is a review that calls out all your doubts!

SizeGenetics – What is it as a penise extender?

SizeGenetics has been around since 2001 and it has established itself as an effective and standard medical device (Class 1). With approvals from the Food and Drug Administration (the FDA), you can put it on your penis without worrying about anything. Several clinical tests have shown that this penis extender actually does what it promises – it increases the length and thickness of the penis.

A worth mentioning point here is that SizeGenetics takes care of how you are going to handle the device during its lifetime. In the box you will find lotions, talcum power and device wipes. These elements are surely going to help you maintain your hygiene and sanitation of the device. We cannot praise them enough for being so thoughtful.

SizeGenetics is made with high quality plastic that doesn’t age. Despite coming in a tightly sealed packaging, you can be sure that this product will not smell of plastic.

 SizeGenetics: How does it works?


An organ can grow on its own for a certain age. After that, it ceases to grow and you are left with how things are.

With science’s advancements, many solutions were derived that can cause growth in the human body irrespective of age. The SizeGentics Penis Extender is one such invention. It uses biological principle of cell division. The process which incorporates this is termed as traction. When you wear the device on your penis, an elongating stress is induced by the device on the penis. As sudden jolt of stress is experienced in the penis, the cells break to avoid excessive straining. In order to compensate for the damage incurred by the cells, a multiple propagation process is initiated. As cells multiply, they cover up for the gap created by the extender. With regular wearing, you can experience growth upto 1.5 inches in a month.

The extender puts traction forces in longitudinal direction and latitudinal direction so that there is an equal proportion of growth in terms of length and thickness. This way, your organ grows naturally and not in a forced mannerism.

SizeGenetics effectiveness: How effective it is?

Upon receiving the product, you will agree with us when we say, the company wants to take care of you and your man-tool in every way.

what’s inside the box? In the box, you will find:

  • A bottle of TractionPLUS Powder – that can be applied to get rid of excess moisture.
  • Device Wipes – so that you do not end up using random cleaning agents on the device.
  • Revita Cream – to be applied to places where excessive straining happens.
  • Travel Bag – so that you can carry and use the device even while you are traveling.
  • Penis Health DVD – the DVD talks about safe sex practice and things you should do to improve your penis health
  • The SizeGentics Penis Extender

If you are concerned about what your courier service is going to think about the order, worry not. The package comes in a brown cardboard box with no indications of what’s inside. SizeGentics have been involved in overall prospect of using this device. You need not depend on random supplies while using it.

About its effectiveness, there is no doubt anything can be more safer and effective than a natural process. In case of SizeGentics, the process of penis enlargement is by virtue of traction forces. They naturally cause the penis to grow. It can appear to be a slow process but by regular usage, you can reach your desired size within six months.

Things to do when using the SizeGenetics Penis Extender:


Penis is a vital asset. Before mounting anything on it, it is best to take careful measures. Here we have made a list of things you should really look into when you are using this device.

  • Clean the device after every wear. You can use the wipes that come in the package or can opt buying non-scented ones from departmental stores.
  • Use talcum power to absorb moisture around your genitals. This prevents growth chances of bacteria and even guards against rashes.
  • Since the device stresses portions of skin, rashes can occur. You can use the ointment cream that is provided with the extender.
  • Do not share your extender even after you have cleaned it extensively.
  • Trim hair around genitals.
  • Wear loose fitting underwear. A tight underwear will make the region sweat and increase chances of rashes.
  • To decrease discomfort as experienced from day one, start by wearing the device for three hours a day with a 24 hour break on fourth day. Slowly increase the amount of time the extender spends on your penis.
  • For uniform and established results, wear the extender on daily basis for prolonged periods of time.

Benefits of wearing SizeGenetics Penis Extender:

The gist of benefits that you can avail by using the SizeGenetics Penis Extender are listed as under:

  • It actually does what it says. With regular usage, your penis can increase by 1.5 inches.
  • Packaging is done so that no one knows what is inside the cardboard box.
  • Additional hygeine products like talcum power, lotion and wipes are provided.
  • Travel bag is given for those who go around the globe a lot. This way, your penis enlargement happens regardless of where you are.
  • Device uses traction forces to increase length and thickness of the penis.
  • The process is 100% natural and clinically proven to be effective.
  • Your penis can grow up to 1.5 inches in a month by regular uses.
  • The device doesn’t stands out. It blends completely in whatever attire you are wearing.
  • Men with micropenis can benefit the most from this device.
  • This penis extender can correct curvature of the penis.
  • Ideal for people who are recovering from penis disorders like Peyronie’s disease.
  • Sturdy design of the extender supports penis.
  • Increase of blood being circulated in the penis will increase – you will get stronger erections that will last long.
  • Your confidence will be boosted.

The cons of wearing SizeGenetics Penis Extender:

Penis extenders are designed such that it blends with your body. Initial discomfort is inevitable and this makes for the trivial disadvantage of the product. Overall, the product is made keeping in mind that a man experiences more dynamics of life. Making a device that slows down movements and puts restrictions on the nature of task a man can perform is surely a kill point for any penis extender.

There are moving parts in the extender that by virtue of sliding or revolving allow it to be worn under trousers. They are invisible to other’s eyes. It is highly recommended to wear comfortable clothing during the first three weeks. By the time you get used of the device on your penis, results will work as charm for motivation.

In our recommendation, take the process of penis enlargement easy. Start wearing the device for three hours a day in the beginning. Rest on the third day and then resume. Do this for a week. Slowly increase the hours spent with the device on weekly basis. After a month, push your limits and try wearing the device for more than 8 hours a day.

The initial growth of the penis will be slow but as time will progress, better results would be obtained.


We were pleasantly surprised when the package came. Right from the beginning it caught our appreciation. The device came as a confidential device that was meant for training purposes. The mere fact that the company made efforts to keep the fact that someone is using their device a secret was worth applauding.

The box came not just with extenders but also other hygiene products that are definitely worth using. Right from how you are going to keep the device clean to how you are going to prevent rashes from occurring, the company  has everything already sorted for you.

Made with high quality plastic, the extender is finished even by microscopic standards. It holds your penis carefully and doesn’t poke your skin. It is a versatile device that blends in whatever you are wearing. Moving parts in the extender support free movements in all form of actions you will engage in.

By regular use of the device for 6 months, you can surely avail desired results. We do confess that initial days will be little tough but our experience speaks for its effectiveness. We highly recommend this product.

Product link: Click here

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