Whey Protein: Health Benefits, Side Effects And Usage


Protein is regarded as the building block of the human body. There are just so many varieties of protein present in the body that make us into flesh and bones. Without the presence of protein in our diets, our collagen levels will fall, our skin will go through serious and traumatic transformations & baldness will take over our head. All in all, it will be impossible for a human body to live without ample  protein concentration in the body. Whey protein is 16 protein that the body needs in order to maintain its functioning. In fact it comes as a surprise that way is one of the protein that has been extensively studied by science. You will be amazed to learn that it is derived from natural products and has zero chemical substances in it.

whey protein

Where did whey come from?

The discovery of whey is pretty interesting. Once upon a time in a dairy farm a group of works were making curd out of milk by adding acidic substances to it. The leftover translucent white liquid would either be mixed with cattle’s meal or be simply drained into canals. It was during one science experiment when scientists found the presence of whey. Basically, milk contains two major forms of protein, namely casein (80%) and whey (20%). Casein is not digested easily by the body whole whey becomes best friends with it. When whey is consumed by the body, it directly reaches out to muscles and causes muscle mass growth and bulking.

This is one of the major reasons for it being favorite amongst bodybuilders and weightlifters. But, they do not drink the translucent liquid. Whey is commercialized before it reaches you. It is collected, processes dried, mixed with other elements that are necessary for muscle mass growth and development of the body and then packed. Nowadays, many companies come up with flavored whey protein to make it easier for female athletes’ consumption.

Whey is a naturally derived ingredient and it has got no side effects to it. Its consumption will only benefit you.

Types of Whey Protein:

Whey is obtained in layers and it depends on the manufacturer which variant they wish to derive. The various types of Whey Protein are:

Concentrate: It has nearly 70–80% of protein and has some traces of lactose (milk sugar) and fat in it.

Isolate: It has about 90% protein and has lesser concentration of lactose and fat. Downside is that this type of whey protein lacks a great deal of nutrients that are otherwise found in whey protein concentrate.

Hydrolysate: It is also known as hydrolyzed whey. This variant of whey is pre-digested to increase its absorbency.

How Whey Protein works on the body:

As we have discussed, whey protein gets easily digested by muscles and increases overall formation of bulk. This is because protein gets synthesized by the body and produces amino acids. These amino acids are responsible for delivering more blood and nutrition to muscles. As muscles receive more than usual amount of oxygen to work in and nutrition for its growth, they are definitely bound to grow. This is why Whey Protein is so effective in increasing muscle mass.

Here, it is also important that you participate in exercises that can make muscles expand. Without doing so, more bulk will accumulate in one spot. Remember that, when you are bulking the mass being accommodate should be distributed evenly. When you exercise, the flow of blood in the body increases and allows muscles to rearrange themselves. It is worth mentioning here that as muscles realign themselves properly, your chances of getting stretch marks reduces. Therefore, while consuming this product, always exercise to get the best results.

Dosage: The way to Whey Protein

The ideal dosage for Whey protein is somewhere between 25-50 grams per day (that translates to 1-2 scoops of the powder in a day).

Otherwise, follow the dosage instructions that are printed on the packaging. Every company suggests a different mode of consumption that must be met.

What are the benefits of Whey Protein?

Obviously it is any day wise to take supplements that have a good impact on your body. Otherwise what’s the point in throwing your bucks? The benefits your body gets out of Whey Protein are:

  • It helps in building more muscle mass.
  • May have detoxifying effect on the body.
  • It is a rich source of protein that the body can easily digest
  • Regular consumption of whey protein can help in muscle growth
  • In some cases, the compound can help in reducing blood sugar levels in the body
  • It can also aid in lowering blood pressure
  • When taken during early stages, whey can help in controlling Type 2 Diabetes
  • The rich antioxidant properties helps in reducing oxidative stress from the body
  • Reduces inflammation in joints
  • It energises the body
  • Whey protein helps in reducing inflammatory bowel syndrome
  • It highlights body’s anti-oxidativedefence mechanism
  • Has great effect in reducing blood-fat concentration in the body
  • Has a very filling effect on the body – suppresses appetite and makes you feel hungry less often
  • Can help in losing weight

Side effects of Whey Protein:

Whey protein is a naturally derived product that is made to further filtration in order to obtain high quality Whey. The ingredient is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Moreover, it was used by ancient cowmen after the milk was cured. They would drink it and go around with the day without feeling tired. As times have changed, you can avail whey protein without having to worry about any method that follows.

Whey protein is an absolutely safe ingredient that can be consumed by anyone regardless of their age and gender.

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Whey protein is a remarkable human finding. It is for those who want to build muscles without indulging in consumption of harmful stuff. Derived from milk, this form of protein is natural, has ample nutrients in it and carriers a wide spectrum of benefits that other ingredients might not be able to provide. We highly recommend this ingredient. You should incorporate it in your life for better lifestyle.

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