Zinc: Health Benefits, Side Effects And Usage

All about Zinc

Human body is a structure of bones and muscles that cannot stand rigid in the absence of proper care and nutrition. There are many elements that play a vital role in ensuring the body performs its set regular activities hassle-free. One such element is Zinc. The significant role played by this element on the body is remarkable.

In the absence of Zinc, the body may experience a slowdown which can have grave impact on metabolism, cell activities and in general the way our body responds to day-to-day needs and tasks. The human body is a structure that requires fuel for its working and maintenance. Zinc is a micronutrient required by the body for its well-being and developing the ability to fight against a wide range of diseases. The element is so crucial enough for the body to stand at second spot (after iron) for being present in abundance. From taking care of cell structure and their function, Zinc in different forms repairs and does maintenance of the body. More so, it is also responsible for taking care of DNA barcoding and resultant effects.

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Despite its evolution, the human body cannot produce large quantities of Zinc which it can digest. Thus, it is important to have a meal plan that supplies adequate amounts of the element to the body. At times, it becomes tricky to manage diet so as to meet all demands of the body. While you are busy gorging on other nutrients your body might be lacking in something else altogether. This is when supplements come to the rescue. Supplements are man-made and are often derived using natural ingredients. This way, your body gets its dosage of nutrients, minerals and vitamins without adding extra calories to your diet.

Zinc is a crucial micronutrient that is needed by the body for its proper functioning. The deficiency of this element can lead to issues such as:

  • Zinc deficiency can lead to growth retardation
  • Cause impairment in immune functions
  • A severe loss in appetite
  • Hair loss
  • A delay in sexual maturation
  • Stomach issues like diarrhoea
  • Eyes and skin lesions
  • Impotency
  • Skin disorders can develop out of minor infections/allergic reactions

Taking the above stated issues into consideration, it is important to consume food rich in Zinc or Zinc supplement to make sure your body functions properly.

With constant growth of Zinc deficiency cases, many companies have come up with Zinc supplements that can be taken orally or can be administered into the body by other means. In the plenty of options available, you must know which supplement variant will work the best for your body.

Available Supplement Variants of Zinc are:

Zinc orotate: This variant has its origins from a chemical compound named orotate acid. By taking this supplement, you will be promoting more production and absorption of the chemical eventually resulting in an improvement in the rate of metabolism and ability to transmit other nutrients.

Zinc citrate: This variant helps in is responsible for taking care of the immune system and strengthening the body to fight diseases. A really good supplement option for people who are recovering from illnesses.

Zinc sulfate: If your diet is a spectrum of nutrients and you just need a supplement that helps in proper absorption and energy emission, then Zinc Sulfate is all you need. It helps in absorption of other nutrients’ properties and protects the body from diseases.

Zinc gluconate: This variant can fix in your health care regimen as well as in your beauty regime. With its ability to rejuvenate skin cells, gluconate is a budget friendly supplement anyone who is dealing with Zinc deficiency can take. It is effective on the mitochondrial system and therefore, causes more release of energy into the body.

Zinc acetate: It is another variant that you can take to highlight the effects of other ingredient’s nutritional value. It may have side-effects like upset stomach for some and the best way to avoid that from happening is regulating your dosage.

Zinc picolinate: This variant is on the heavier side of the budget. It has more deep and visible effects on the body than any other supplement. It enhances the ability of the immune system to fight diseases and protects organs from damage.

Benefits of zinc

As an essential nutrient for the body, zinc provides many important benefits t on consumption. These are:

  • Strengthens your immune system (link).
  • Promotes quick healing of wounds (link).
  • Protects your body from various serious health conditions as you age (link).
  • Good for maintaining proper health of the eyes (link).
  • Treats acne and maintains good health of the skin (link).
  • Possesses anti-inflammatory effects (link).
  • Improves testosterone levels in men (link).

So, how do you take Zinc Supplements?

Taking supplements in the right way plays a vital role in how the outcome shines. There are various products available that put Zinc into a structure making it easy for consumption. Therefore, you can find Zinc Supplements in the form of pills, capsules, sprays, drops and injections.

Discuss your options with a doctor. They might be able to help you find the right dosage and administration process than any online available tutorial. Be clear about any medical history that you had. Start with lower dosage and proceed with higher ones gradually. Too much zinc can be toxic to the body and remember to keep checking your Zinc levels every two months. If you skipped a dose accidentally, proceed with the next cycle. Do not overdose yourself.

The recommended dosage of the element:

The usual US Recommended Dietary Allowance (or the RDA) of element Zinc are:

For 0 to 6 months: 2 mg (must be adequate intake) a day

For 7 to 12 months: 3 mg a day

For 1 to 3 years: 3 mg a day

For 4 to 8 years: 4 mg a day

For 9 to 13 years: 8 mg a day

For 14 to 18 years

For Males: 11 mg a day

For Females: 9 mg a day

For Pregnant individuals: 12 mg

For lactating individuals: 13 mg

The recommended dosage should be strictly followed. Also, check with your doctor (if pregnant or lactating) if you can take the supplement.

Are there any side-effects of taking Zinc Supplements?

Anything in excess is never good for the human body. While you are taking the supplement, your body does its best to absorb and put to use the newly administered compound. Take it easy and make gradual progressions.

The common reported signs of excess Zinc in the body are:

  • An upset stomach
  • Pimples and uneven breakouts
  • Nausea
  • Allergic reactions like difficulty breathing, swelling of facial parts, rashes
  • Skin rashes
  • Fever in some cases


Zinc is the second most needed micronutrient in the body after Iron. It protects the DNA barcoding from damage and prevents the onset of premature aging. With a number of variants available, you can easily pick the product that works best for the needs of your body.

Take the supplement after consulting a practicing physician.

Purchase Zinc supplements from authentic stores only.

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